Oct 16 2009

The Loonie is Almost on Par to US$. Let’s Go Shopping across the Border

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Did you notice that one Canadian Dollar can exchanged for nearly 0.98 US$ in the last few day?

Well some people did.  And the idea of cross border shopping jumped immediately to their mind.

I had two email in the last two days inviting me to two interviews.  One with CBC Winnipeg, and the with The Global and Mail.

Being a self-appointed expert (well I learnt it by mistakes), I gladly accepted both invitations.   In the pre-interview, the CBC Winnipeg producer asked me when I started cross-border shopping.  My answer, “since there was a border.”

The CBC Winnipeg interview was broadcasted live at Oct. 14th 6:10pm EDT.  I have a recording here, if you’re interested (CBC-Winnipeg-Interview).  And the Global and Mail interview was yesterday, with a promise to publish on next Monday’s paper (Oct. 19th) or the PDF: How to score a cross-border shopping deal.  Have a good reading, if you grab a copy.  It’s full of tips on cross-border shopping that you can read on this website.

I’m glad that our loonie is close to par again with US dollar, like I predicted in early June. But I didn’t expect it to return so soon.

Let’s put aside the debate of why Canadian prices are so high (be it price gauging or scale of economy). By all means, take advantage of the strong Canadian dollar, and Happy Cross-border shopping.


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  1. AllysonNo Gravataron 15 Jan 2010 at 10:21 pm

    I am wondering if there are any tax exemptions if I purchase a treadmill in the US and bring it into Canada…if there isn’t would I have to pay 18% on the total cost?


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