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Jun 16 2008

Canadians and Americans are indistinguishable

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As Canadian, we strongly feel that we are different from Americans. The Molson “Rant” ads for Canadian beer recounted all the differences. However Americans don’t appreciate it so. There goes the saying,

Canadians and Americans are indistinguishable. The only way to distinguish them is to make the previous statement in front of them”.

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Jun 14 2008

Canadians still pay more

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Over 8 month back when “Better Value in Dollar” site was being built, I thought we Canadian will soon get the good prices of Americans. Sadly, this is not true, after a strong show of Canadian economy and the Lonnie.

Douglas Porter, deputy chief economist at Bank of Montreal, published another survey result of 19 essential daily products (coffee, doughnuts, books, and handbags, etc.) yesterday. Canadians are still paying 18% more than US counterparts, before taxes are calculated. This gap is better than a year ago at 24%. Your dollar has better value south of the border.

We have found a different way to get a good bargain. You can mail order (usually cheaper than regular store price) and deliver to the border for pick up. Read our article here.

BTW, though Americans are screaming for high gas price, they are only paying a national average of US$1.07/liter (US$4.05/gallon), comparing with Canadian national average of CA$1.31/liter). Well, fellow Canadians, it may be worthwhile shopping for gas across the border.

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