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Tariff Item Description of Goods Units of Measure MFN Tariff Applicable Preferential Tariffs
3926.90 Other
3926.90.10 Articles for climbing or mountaineering;
Beak guards and blinders for pheasants;
Cassette shells and parts thereof, excluding exterior jackets or sleeves, for use in the manufacture of video cassettes;
Container cap covers or container toppers, bearing the shapes and images of cartoon characters, to be employed in the production or distribution of shampoo, bubble bath and other novelty cosmetic and bath products;
Conveyor belting, in modular form, of a length not exceeding 5 m;
Conveyor belts, excluding conveyor belts in modular form;
Corner protectors for use in the manufacture of portable musical instruments or microphone amplifiers, loudspeakers and sound mixers, other than those designed and marketed for home entertainment systems;
Die models, to be employed as blueprint substitutes in the manufacture, assembly, erection, installation, operation or maintenance of machines, test sets, engines, apparatus, appliances, plant equipment and parts thereof;
Fish egg incubators and parts thereof;
For use in the manufacture of fire fighting vehicles;
Housings, for use in the manufacture of television descramblers;
Imitation gemstones or pearls for use in the manufacture of jewellery;
Knobs, for use in the manufacture of gas barbecues or domestic gas ranges, whether or not for recreational vehicles;
Net floats, spat collectors and collector holders to be employed in commercial fishing or in the commercial harvesting of marine plants;
Netting for use in the manufacture of peat pellets;
Non-cellular polyethylene strip, scored, for use in the manufacture of stand-up drink pouches;
Of vulcanized fibre for use as a backing in the manufacture of abrasive materials;
Parts of conveyor belts;
Pressure pads, pinch rollers and shield and pressure pad assemblies, for use in the manufacture of tape cassettes or tape cartridges;
Rail pads;
Respirators, consisting of several layers of nonwovens of man-made fibres, whether or not treated with activated carbon, with or without an exhalation valve, to be employed in a noxious atmosphere;
Roller dowels for use in the manufacture of hand-operated mechanical floor sweepers, not motorized;
Safety face shields designed for use by workers employed in hazardous work, and parts thereof;
Shapes, for safety goggles or safety spectacles designed for use by workers employed in hazardous work;
Shield adaptors for safety helmets;
Tapered monofilament of polyamides or of saturated polyesters, for use in the manufacture of paint brushes;
To be employed in the manufacture of biologicals or bacteriologicals for parenteral use or for the manufacture of antibiotics, hormones or steroids;
To be employed in the processing, storing or insemination of animal semen;
Wheels for use in the manufacture of barbecues
3926.90.10.10 Beak guards and blinders for pheasants Free
3926.90.10.20 Fish egg incubators and parts thereof Free
3926.90.10.30 Rail pads Free
3926.90.90.21 Life preservers, for water, inflatable NMB Free
3926.90.90.22 Other life preservers, for water NMB Free
3926.90.90.29 Other Free
3926.90.90.30 Leaves for photograph albums Free
3926.90.90.40 Tank fittings (water closets) Free
3926.90.90.5 Belts and belting for machinery other than conveyor belts: Free
3926.90.90.51 V-belts containing textile materials KGM Free
3926.90.90.52 Other V-belts KGM Free
3926.90.90.53 Belts and belting other than V-belts and conveyor belts KGM Free
3926.90.90.59 Other KGM Free
3926.90.90.60 Hygienic or pharmaceutical articles as specified in statistical note 2 to this Chapter Free
3926.90.90.70 Beads, bugles and spangles, not strung (except temporarily) nor set; articles thereof not elsewhere specified or included Free
3926.90.90.9 Other articles: Free
3926.90.90.91 Frames or mounts for photographic slides Free
3926.90.90.92 Parts for yachts and vessels for pleasure of heading No. 89.03; parts for canoes, racing shells, inflatable craft and other vessels for pleasure, which are not of a type designed to be principally used with motors or sails Free
3926.90.90.93 Clothes pins Free
3926.90.90.94 Laboratory ware Free
3926.90.90.95 Flexible document binders with tabs, rolled or flat Free
3926.90.90.96 Electrical wiring accessories (non-current carrying) Free
3926.90.90.97 Siding, for house or building exterior Free
3926.90.90.98 Mattresses Free
3926.90.90.99 Other Free

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