Duty rate for Other phosphates of calcium

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Tariff Item Description of Goods Units of Measure MFN Tariff Applicable Preferential Tariffs
2835.26 Other phosphates of calcium
2835.26.10 For use as petroleum refining catalysts, or for use in the manufacture of animal or poultry feeds, glues or adhesives, optical fibres or optical fibre bundles or cables, typewriter or similar ribbons, polymers in primary forms or profile shapes or sheets of plastics Free CCCT, LDCT, GPT, UST, MT, MUST, CIAT, CT, CRT, IT, NT, SLT, PT: Free
2835.26.10.10 Calcium tetrahydrogenbis(orthophosphate) KGM Free
2835.26.10.20 Tricalcium bis(orthophosphate) KGM Free
2835.26.10.90 Other KGM Free
2835.26.90 Other KGM 5.5 % CCCT, LDCT, UST, MT, MUST, CIAT, CT, CRT, IT, NT, SLT, PT: Free
2835.26.90.10 Calcium tetrahydrogenbis(orthophosphate) KGM 5.5 %
2835.26.90.20 Tricalcium bis(orthophosphate) KGM 5.5 %
2835.26.90.90 Other KGM 5.5 %

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