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Tariff Item Description of Goods Units of Measure MFN Tariff Applicable Preferential Tariffs
9032.89 Other
9032.89.10 For use with machinery or equipment, excluding those for the control of the composition of sterilizing or cleaning solutions used in the food and beverage industries or in hospitals Free CCCT, LDCT, GPT, UST, MT, MUST, CIAT, CT, CRT, IT, NT, SLT, PT: Free
9032.89.10.10 Complete process control systems, excluding sensors, which convert analog signals from or to digital signals NMB Free
9032.89.10.2 Other process control apparatus, excluding sensors, which converts analog signals from or to digital signals: NMB Free
9032.89.10.21 Temperature control instruments NMB Free
9032.89.10.22 Pressure and draft control instruments NMB Free
9032.89.10.23 Flow and liquid level control instruments NMB Free
9032.89.10.24 Humidity control instruments NMB Free
9032.89.10.29 Other Free
9032.89.10.30 Temperature controls for photographic solutions Free
9202.90.90 Other 6 % CCCT, LDCT, UST, MT, MUST, CIAT, CT, CRT, IT, NT, SLT, PT: Free
9202.90.90.10 Guitars NMB 6 %
9202.90.90.20 Mandolins NMB 6 %
9202.90.90.30 Ukuleles and banjos NMB 6 %
9202.90.90.90 Other NMB 6 %

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