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Canadian US Shopping Guide

Douglas Porter, Deputy Chief Economist at the Bank of Montreal, published a revealing report “The Price is Wrong” [1] (Sept. 20, 2007), pointing out that Canadians pay 24% more on a basket of assorted goods than Americans at the recent exchange rate (i.e. CA$/US$=0.99). The gap is widening by today’s rate.

Unfortunately Canada is the True North strong but not so free. The most obvious evidence is the price tags at the back of a book. Less obvious ones are that we have the highest income tax and consumption tax in North America, the most expensive air tickets from the sole international airline, and a retail industry with the least competitions. It’s inevitable that cross border shopping is becoming one of a favoured pastime to Canadians.

BetterDollar.com is dedicated to help Canadian reaping the reward of strong Canadian dollar by providing a comprehensive guide on cross-border and mail order shopping. Apart from price disparities, there are  other things which still rip you off in shipping [2], brokerage fee [3]and even payment [4]. If you’re laden with those hidden charges, you’re bargain-hurting no more. To avoid the rip-off, read our articles.

I’m a proud Canadian living in Ottawa! The business I’m involved requires a lot traveling to US, Europe and Asia. I’m pretty knowledgeable on cross border shopping issues. Since the rules are tedious and complex, I’d write those notes to help myself remember. Hopefully, this notes are useful to others.

Please note that the information on BetterDollar.com is for peer support purposes, which should NOT be considered as legal or professional advice.

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